A lot of my customers had Wordpress sites when they came to me nearly all of them had experienced very similar frustrations with the platform and issues after being abandoned by their web designer and ended up:

  • not knowing how to edit or maintain the site
  • not keeping it up to date increasing security vulnerability
  • installing new plugins that cause bugs in other areas of the site
  • getting frustrated and leaving it to fall into disrepair sometimes for years

Squarespace Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is great and the platform is so easy to use, they keep everything up to date for you, the business plan includes features such as label printing and integration with accounting software, inventory of products etc all in one place without having to source these elements independently and make them work together.

The advantages of Squarespace far outweigh Wordpress for clients like mine and the grid below sums up the pros and cons of each platform.


Flexibility Less flexibility, but all tools and functions are closely controlled, monitored and tested to ensure they are up 100% of the time.

Ease of Use A very user-friendly, drag & drop website builder. You can build a website without knowing how to code or hiring anyone for help.

User Support Dedicated support team with organized tutorials. You can also get help through live chat or email.

Ongoing Maintenance Very little – Squarespace is a “closed” environment so they control all aspects of the platform and manage all the updates and maintenance work for you. You don't need to use 3rd party plugins which if not kept up to date can increase security risk.

Pricing 4 premium plans, ranging from $12 per month to $40 per month.

As a Squarespace Circle member I can offer you 20% off these prices for your first year.*


Flexibility Very flexible & customizable especially with plugins, but could be very problematic if they breakdown.

Ease of Use Steep learning curve especially if you are a beginner. You need to know how to code and be technically savvy, or hire someone who is.

User Support Big community with resources and tutorials, but not well organized. Most users end up paying developers for help.

Ongoing Maintenance Requires frequent maintenance especially if the platform, theme or plugins are updated by their developers. You are responsible for maintaining all aspects of your website.

Pricing Could range from $200 – $15,000, depending on various factors (hosting, themes, plugins, hiring help, etc.)