Hygge & Hound - brand support + subscription website

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. I met Sarah at the start of my journey, I had an idea of where my brand was going but it was all a little vague. Sarah has patiently worked with me, not only to build a beautiful website and to demystify the world of webdesign but as a brand advocate and personal support. She picked me up when I felt that I was never going to be able to launch on time. gave me solid design advice and made me some beautiful graphics. Sarah understands the constraints that small businesses and new starts up face and she goes the extra mile to make sure that you get an exceptional product for a really reasonable outlay. I will continue to work closely with Sarah as my brand grows, she's left me feeling like I can competently edit my website myself but I will miss her smiley disposition so I will be sure to check in regularly. If you are looking for someone with oodles of knowledge, who's highly organised and can give you a kick up the butt when needed than Brightfeather Studio is for you.


Sarah Jeffs