Kate Wickens - brand identity + website build + book launch

After a series of frustrating abortive attempts of my own at Wordpress, and further frustrating attempts at trying to find someone who understood what I was after, it felt like deliverance to have Sarah at Brightfeather Studiostep into the fray and calmly take up the reins. 
Maybe you’ll have a clear idea of what you want your business brand to look like, maybe you won’t, but Sarah’s questions will help you to work out what you want to achieve with your website and the kind of people you want to appeal to. Her thoughtful ability to listen and her efficient sense of calm will help guide you through the more anxious aspects of defining what you want, and if what you want isn’t available or possible, then she’ll do her best to find alternative options for you to consider. 
But time and time again, what totally blows me away is how she always manages to transform my decidedly non-technie, often vague demands into something that not only works brilliantly but looks absolutely stunning. She gives you an on-line identity that is arresting, powerful and memorable. She turns your websites into places that people want to linger in a little longer, thanks to their uncluttered sense of beauty. 
Grounded by an approachable sense of calm, Sarah combines technical whizzy know-how with the eye of an artist for beauty. In short, your website will not only work efficiently and smoothly, but it will give your brand that professional and often elusive wow-factor. I would wholeheartedly and


Sarah Jeffs